What's New

July 2023

Osteopaths of CFO1 can now use eClaims to direct bill to insurers on behalf of their patients

TELUS Health eClaims now allows Osteopaths who are members of CFO1 to direct bill on behalf of patients who are covered by Canada Life, Desjardins, Equitable Life, and over 30 insurers2.

1 Excluding Osteopatie Québec members

2 All features, functions, eligible professions and related benefits that allow a customer to pay only the portion not covered by their insurer are inherent to the TELUS Health eClaims platform, but may not be supported by all participating insurers.

TELUS eClaims is now available for the PSHCP

Over 750,000 members of the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) and their eligible dependants can now benefit from TELUS eClaims.

April 2023

We've reorganized the provider portal menus so the links that you use to view and update your business or provider profile are separate from the links you use to view and update your individual user account.

  • Select the Menu button in the upper left hand corner of the provider portal to view and update information about your business and providers.

  • Select the Profile button in the upper right hand corner of the provider portal to manage your provider portal user account.

The following table lists the tasks that you can access from the menus.

How do I...

Menu link

Access the PDF help guides

> Help

Add or remove roles, and update licenses

The Menu button > Roles and licenses

Add or remove users, and adjust their permissions

> User access and permissions

Add or terminate services, and Accept terms and conditions

> Services

Add providers, remove providers, and manage their details

> Providers

Add, update, or remove an independent practice location, and view or remove linked providers

> Work locations

Contact TELUS Health

> Contact us

Display the eClaims home page

> eClaims

Log out

> Log out

Update my banking information

The Menu button > Banking information

Update my organization's details, address and contact numbers, business hours, and accessibility support, and contact person

> Business profile

Update my password

> Update password

Update my profile and security questions

> Profile & security questions

View the TELUS Health privacy statement

> Privacy

January 2023

Depending on the type of profile you have, you may now be able to perform some of the following actions directly from the provider portal:

May 2022

  • An insurer coverage table has been added to the menu under Payments > Insurer coverage table. This document shows which eClaims insurers support which professions.

  • The social worker and occupational therapist roles are now supported by eClaims.

  • The workflows to add claims and predeterminations have been enhanced to enable you to add services within the window instead of a popup.

  • The patient and insurer windows have been combined into one window.

  • The lists of Submitted and Draft claims and predeterminations are no longer grouped by date. This means that more claims and predeterminations can be displayed on the screen.

  • The filters on the Submitted and Draft claims has been enhanced with additional options.