Submitting a claim by copying a previous claim or predetermination

You can create a claim based on a previous claim or predetermination that was successfully submitted, and has received an Explanation of benefits or Acknowledgement response, or one that was rejected, voided, or for which a void request was declined.

For information on creating a claim for a family member of a claim that was previously submitted, see Submitting a claim for a family member.

There are two steps to submitting a claim from a previous claim:

1. Create and optionally edit the copy

  1. In the eClaims application, select the Claims tab.

  2. Locate the claim or predetermination you want to copy.

  3. Select the More more icon. button to display the claim in full.

  4. Select Copy to a new claim.

    Claim accepted response

    A copy of the claim is created, with the Date of service pre-populated using the current date. The Service information page is displayed.

    Service Information page

  5. Modify the existing services as needed.

    Select the Add a new service button to add a service.

    For information on editing the copy or adding a new service, see 2. Enter the service information.

    If you are not ready to submit the claim, you can select the Save draft & exit link to save the claim as a draft. Drafts are available for 30 days. For information on resuming work on a draft claim, see Continuing a draft claim.

2. Verify and Submit

  1. Select Continue to Claim summary.

    The Claim summary page is displayed.

    Claim summary page

  2. Select the terms and conditions link to display these in a pop-up.

    The terms and conditions are specific to each insurer.

    Terms and conditions

  3. To accept the terms and conditions, select the I accept button on the pop-up or select the check box on the Claim summary.

  4. Select Submit claim.

    A claim processing message is displayed.

    Claim processing message

    A response is returned. If the claim was successfully processed, the Claim accepted response is displayed.

    Claim accepted response

    For information on responses, see Viewing, printing, saving, and emailing responses.

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