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The convenient way to connect with your pharmacy.

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Tired of lineups at the pharmacy counter?

You can now order prescriptions and book appointments at your pharmacy right from your smartphone with PharmaConnect.

Discover PharmaConnect, the convenient way to connect with your pharmacy.

Your pharmacy at your fingertips.

Here’s how PharmaConnect works:

Order refills

Place an order right from your mobile device or computer.

Submit a prescription

Send a new prescription directly to your pharmacy.

Book pharmacy appointments

Book appointments for vaccinations and consultations from your phone.

View order status

View the status of all your orders in real time.

Get notifications

Get notified by email and/or text when your prescription is ready.

View prescription history

Stay organized with a clear and detailed prescription history.

Manage multiple accounts

Manage medication for your family – even for your dog! – all in one place.

Give access to a caregiver

Allow a caregiver to manage your prescriptions for you.

Get started with these simple steps.

Create a new account

Creating an account is quick and easy and only requires your name and email address. Click here to create a new account.

Get your personalized code

Ask your pharmacist for a personalized code or look for the prescription number on your prescription to link your account to your pharmacy.

That’s it!

Remember, PharmaConnect is free to use, and you can link as many pharmacies to your account as you want.

Convenience, care and control.

Discover 3 ways technology is helping us manage our prescriptions and our health.

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We’re giving access to those in need.

We’re using our technology to help communities thrive. Programs like TELUS Health for Good™ are giving over 30,0000 vulnerable Canadians access to healthcare through mobile health clinics across the country. See the ways we’re giving back by donating and volunteering in communities across Canada.

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