Treat your patients remotely from your EMR with TELUS EMR Virtual Visit.

Now providers can easily conduct video visits, access health information and update patient health records simultaneously - right from your EMR.

TELUS EMR Virtual Visit is an encrypted, EMR-integrated solution that enables a seamless workflow, minimizes task redundancy, and preserves continuity of care and documentation within your existing EMR.

Easily conduct virtual visits
right from your EMR.

  • Leverage a single EMR-integrated tool that enables a seamless workflow
  • Easily launch an intuitive video conferencing tool with full audio and video capabilities
  • Book appointments and initiate scheduled video visits with live chat right from your EMR
  • Conduct video calls, review patient records and take notes simultaneously
  • Access EMR Virtual Visit anytime, anywhere on any device: desktop, tablet or smartphone

Provide remote primary
patient care.

  • Reduce exposure to risk for both you and your patients
  • Offer patients quick and easy access - all they have to do is click the link
  • Observe patients’ breathing patterns, body language and physical appearance
  • Designed to work with usual workflows
  • Use EMR Virtual Visit to help fast-track or triage seriously ill patients
  • Provide care in a more interactive way than a phone call

Ensure patient confidentiality
and data integrity.

  • Protect patient privacy - conversations and video transmissions are encrypted using industry-recognized protocols
  • Preserve documentation within a single source for audit purposes and record retention
  • Securely discuss patient information, lab results and treatment plans
  • Store data within your EMR according to industry best practices for security and privacy
  • Break down communication barriers and provide supporting information via the Chat feature

New features now available.

Keep track of time during virtual visits and share files and photos.

  • A Visit Timer has been added to the healthcare professional’s window to help you manage your time if you’re running behind, or to assist with billing code time requirements. The timer can be toggled on and off as required. It is not visible to the patient.
  • Patient Photo Sharing - Patients can share photos with the healthcare provider, which can be saved to the EMR chart.
  • Provider File Sharing - Healthcare professionals can send files such as brochures and requisition forms to the patient.

Coming soon to TELUS EMR Virtual Visit.

  • Virtual Waiting Room - Appointments will launch within a virtual waiting room where staff can check patient arrivals, do triage and confirm patient health card information.
  • Save Visit Details to Chart - Save the virtual visit start and end times, and the Chat log to the patient’s file.
  • Send Faster Appointment Invitation - The patient invitation email is sent in near-real-time for visits less than 48 hours away.

Remotely connect to your EMR with TELUS EMR Mobile.

Access functionality of your EMR including virtual visits from your phone, tablet or desktop anytime, anywhere. Check your schedule, manage lab results, and conduct virtual visits while reviewing and making notes on patient charts with TELUS EMR Mobile.

EMR add-ons support social distancing and help you manage patient care remotely.

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