Viewing drafts

Drafts are stored in the portal for 30 days after they were created. After 30 days, they are removed.

To view drafts:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • From the TELUS Health services page, select Revisit a draft eClaim.

    • Select the eClaims service from the Menu The Menu button , then select Revisit a draft eClaim, or

    • Select the Claims tab, then select the Drafts tab.

      The Drafts list is displayed. Claims are sorted by the date of submission.

      Drafts tab

  2. To filter the list of claims:

    • Select the filters icon. Filters button.

      The Filters panel is displayed.

      Filters pop-up

    • Enter or select the values for the fields you want to include in the filter.

    • Select Apply filters.

      The list is filtered. The filter values are included at the top of the list. To clear an aspect of a filter without launching it, select the x to the right of the filter value.

      Applied filter

  3. To resume working on a draft, select the More more icon. button, then see Continuing a draft claim.

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