Plan sponsor virtual care toolkit

Member engagement tools and materials

This page contains tools and resources to help you promote the benefits of TELUS Health Virtual Care within your organization.

We have divided it in three phases:

We've created an onboarding best practice checklist and a domain whitelisting document to guide you through the process.

Download the onboarding checklist


Introductory email templates

Upon launch, your members will receive an activation email and two reminder emails (15 and 30 days after launch), all of which contain their unique activation link.

With the editable email templates below, you can let your members know about virtual care and to look out for the activation email. To best support them, we recommend attaching some of the handouts below, such as the Activation instructions.

Download email templates

With the below editable email templates, you can let your members know about virtual care ahead of launch. To best support your members, we recommend attaching the handouts below such as the Activation flow-chart.

Download email templates


These videos describe the benefits of TELUS Health Virtual Care and explain how to activate your account. They can be posted on your intranet, sent out via email or used in presentations. You can access the videos via the YouTube links below, or download them by clicking the button below.

TELUS Health Virtual Care: On-demand virtual care

How to activate your account



Post these member handouts on your internal portal, make them available in common areas, or distribute them as a desk drop.

Welcome handout

Introduce virtual care to your members; explain what the service can be used for and how easy it is to activate.

Download the handout Download the handout

Activation flow-chart

This step-by-step chart will help guide your members through their account activation.

Download the handout Download the handout

What you need to know

This one-pager provides a quick guide to the home screen and some use cases for virtual care.

Download the handout Download the handout


This postcard can be printed and distributed to your members to encourage account activation.

Download the postcard Download the postcard

Frequently Asked Questions

This webpage outlines some frequently asked questions about Virtual Care.

Visit FAQs


Engagement emails

These engagement emails can be sent as a reminder to activate and use the service. Each email features a different situation when virtual healthcare would be helpful.

Download email templates Download email templates

Digital assets

Our digital engagement tools can easily be incorporated into your existing member digital communication platforms.

Download digital assets Download digital assets


These posters highlight different use cases for Virtual Care and are designed to help increase awareness and drive adoption of the service.

Download all posters Download all posters

Additional resources

Feel free to share these additional documents with your plan members.

Download additional resources

Client newsletter

The Client newsletter includes:

  • Industry trends
  • Product and service updates
  • Links to download new and seasonal materials that support your ongoing activation and engagement efforts

Download the client newsletter

Download previous editions

Useful contacts

General questions and support:, or your dedicated Client Experience Manager.

Monthly eligibility updates:



User technical help: