Engaged patients stay healthier.

Around the world, health providers are making it easier for patients to connect with care and manage their health from anywhere. But did you know that engagement tools like patient portals, home health monitoring and personal health records are also helping patients stay healthier and happier?

Patient engagement solutions show great promise to drive down health costs while improving health outcomes and patient experiences.

Healthier outcomes

Patients using Home Health Monitoring use care up to 76% less than average.1

Lower costs

An engaged patient costs 31% less than a non-engaged patient.2

Better experiences

18% of Canadians can access their health records electronically. 68% of those who cannot would like to.3

Technology is helping patients.

Monitor and share metrics like blood pressure, pulse, glucose levels, mood and daily steps.

View and update medical information like vaccination records, lab results and medications.

Communicate with providers to book appointments, renew prescriptions, receive notifications and exchange messages.

Patient engagement solutions.

Home Health Monitoring

Devices in the home empower patients to measure and manage their own health metrics and connect with clinicians every day for a safe and steady recovery.

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Personal Health Records

Both patients and providers contribute to secure, private, online health records for a complete picture of health.

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Insights on patient engagement.

Patient stories about Home Health Monitoring.

Home Health Monitoring programs have shown better health outcomes and lower health system costs. But the real news is how HHM is changing patients’ lives and transforming attitudes about healthcare.

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Someone to watch over me.

In rural and remote B.C. communities—many with high rates of chronic disease—paramedics are helping prevent emergencies before they happen.

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A digital pulse on teen mental health.

Could digital solutions help more youth with low intensity mental illness get the help they need in primary care, diverting them from scarce tertiary care resources?

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Patient portals and PHRs: What’s the difference?

You know that they both help engage patients and improve health. But do you really know what separates a patient portal from a personal health record (PHR)? Learn from the experts.

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The 5 essentials of health technology adoption.

Ultimately it’s people who make or break technology: by embracing it – or giving it the cold shoulder. How do you make sure your health technology is adopted and delivers on its long-term promise?

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Long-term health gets a boost from home health monitoring.

Home health monitoring (HHM) programs keep patients healthier. But new research results show that HHM also makes a very big impact on health well beyond the duration of the program.

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Making the case for engaged patients.

Care models have always centred on the provider. But newer solutions are putting patient needs first, and it’s no surprise they’re bringing major benefits.

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Managing everyday health anytime, anywhere.

Engagement tools like home health monitoring help patients connect with care and manage their health from anywhere. The result? Healthier and happier patients.

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Taking care home.

Moving from acute to self-care can be tough. Home health monitoring (HHM) helps maintain the critical connection between patients and care teams during these transitions.

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