Build your pharmacy of the future with Kroll.

Times are changing. Looking ahead, it’s clear that Canada’s healthcare landscape is evolving - with pharmacists playing an integral role in providing high-quality, patient-focused care.

Top 5 future-forward services for your pharmacy.

Support the changing needs of your pharmacy with modern Kroll-integrated add-ons, and show your patients you’re committed to their health and safety - today and tomorrow.

Online appointment booking

Let your patients conveniently book appointments, complete pre-screening questionnaires and provide consent online for services like vaccinations. The Information automatically gets recorded to immunization records in the patient profile. Online appointment booking can help reduce the volume of incoming calls and administration burden, so you can focus on the needs of your patients.
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Virtual consultation

Consult with patients remotely - right from Kroll, and reduce the risk of exposure. More personal and interactive than a phone call, Virtual consultation can be used anytime in-pharmacy consults are not ideal such as when prescriptions are delivered or vulnerable patients are unable to come into the pharmacy.
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Make ordering prescriptions and refills easy for your patients and improve efficiency for your team with PharmaConnect. An intuitive, Kroll-integrated tool, PharmaConnect is a mobile and online service with a patient communication tool that allows you to send automated, targeted text messaging and email.
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See how one pharmacist uses PharmaConnect to engage patients and create a patient-centric pharmacy.
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Virtual signature tablet

Sign digital pharmacy documents directly on your computer - without a signature pad. A cost-effective alternative to the signature pad, Virtual signature tablet is a convenient way to capture electronic signatures in-store or remotely. You can use it anywhere you have internet access and a computer.
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Receive prescriptions from prescribers and send renewal requests right to prescribers’ electronic medical records from Kroll with PrescribeIT® (available in Ontario or New Brunswick). Connect with prescribers directly to clarify prescription information or collaborate on patient therapy through encrypted clinical communications. No faxes or phone calls required.
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