Introducing Canada’s only electronic prior authorization.

Avoid manual processes with TELUS Health’s new digital solution.

A first in Canada, TELUS Health ePA is designed to create operational efficiency for everyone involved in the prior authorization process, while giving benefits plan members timely decision to costly, specialty medications.

See how you can save time and create operational efficiencies with TELUS Health ePA.

Speed up the process

All stakeholders can now complete required forms and provide electronic signatures through one convenient web-based portal.

Enhance data accuracy

With TELUS Health ePA, physicians and plan members are prompted to provide electronic signatures in real-time.

Free up your resources

By reducing the amount of incomplete or illegible forms, TELUS Health ePA can help you decrease the number of back-and-forth touchpoints between stakeholders.

Enjoy added peace of mind

Our commitment to security and privacy is at the heart of everything we do at TELUS Health.

Connect in two languages

Meet the needs of your organization and your members across Canada with the digital solution that supports both English and French programming.

TELUS Health ePA can help you adapt to the changes in the industry.

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for a digitized prior authorization solution, in order to create a contactless option and speedier process for all stakeholders – including patients.

Here’s how ePA stacks up against manual, paper-based processes.

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Digitizing the prior authorization process.

Electronic prior authorization (ePrior Authorization) has the potential to reduce the time to a drug approval decision, allowing plan members to start medication earlier, which can lead to better health outcomes.

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TELUS Health unveils first electronic prior authorization.

Electronic prior authorization (ePA) has made its debut in Canada, with broad scale availability scheduled to begin in early 2021.

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TELUS Health, Canada Life and Innomar Strategies pilot the first electronic prior authorization solution in Canada.

A highly-anticipated innovation, the TELUS Health ePA solution offers an end-to-end digital experience with the ability to save time and accelerate access to specialty medicines.

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Why is there collaboration needed between Canada Life, Innomar Strategies and TELUS Health?

Dedicated to supporting the well-being of Canadians, TELUS Health is collaborating with Canada Life and Innomar Strategies on a pilot program to assess the value and potential impact of a first-to-market electronic prior authorization (ePA) solution. Working together, we will test the fully-digitized process to fulfill prior authorization submissions for real prescription cases and evaluate how it drives process efficiencies, reduces manual effort and improves plan member experience.

The six-month pilot program will start on November 9. Learnings from the pilot program will help enhance the TELUS Health ePA solution and deliver a more robust offering to the market.

What is the TELUS Health ePA solution?

The TELUS Health ePA solution enables the digitization of the prior authorization process, often a required step to determine if a plan member can gain access and coverage for a particular medication. While the current prior authorization process leverages paper-based forms, sent by fax, regular mail or email, to be completed and reviewed by various stakeholders, the new TELUS Health ePA solution enables all key players to complete required forms and provide electronic signatures all through a web-based portal.

The solution aims to drive process efficiencies, reduce manual effort and deliver adjudication decisions to insurance providers to ultimately provide plan members quicker time to a decision and improve their overall experience.

How does ePA solution work?

The new TELUS Health ePA solution digitally connects key players in the prior authorization process, enabling them to complete requirements electronically and deliver consistent form submissions to insurance providers. Through the use of intelligent forms and an online portal, prior authorization information can be digitally submitted. There are prompts for physician and member electronic signatures throughout the process to allow validation of the prior authorization criteria, which are all electronically delivered to the insurer destination.

What role do patient support program (PSP) providers play in this process?

Many specialty drugs are now associated with patient support programs (PSPs), which help plan members/patients navigate access and coverage for their medications. As specialty drugs often require prior authorization for coverage, PSPs play a key role in ensuring plan members get the help they need to complete prior authorization submissions and receive quicker decision to complex, specialty medication.

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