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Canadians agree that eClaims will improve their experience when visiting a provider.

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« Our clients are thrilled when they find out that we can bill directly to the insurance companies. They’re excited. »

- Alain Scheldeman, Pht
Co-founder & president | Action Sport Physio

Why use eClaims?

What’s in it for me?**
  • Reduce your paper consumption and add eClaims to the ways you are doing your part for the environment
  • Can help reduce your credit card fees by only charging your clients for the portion not covered by their insurer
  • Can help increase follow-up appointments
  • Gives you extra visibility - eClaims enabled providers are listed on a search tool that was used over 160,000*** times last year
  • Free to register and use

What’s in it for my patients?
  • Reduces their out of pocket expenses by only paying for the portion not covered by their insurer
  • Cuts down on the hassle of insurance paperwork
  • Decreases financial barriers and can help them stick to their treatment plan

Accessible directly from your practice management software

Leveraging partnerships with best-in-class technology companies, we simplify the claim submission process and increase visibility of practices so eClaims-enabled providers can grow their business and enhance the patient experience. Click each logo to learn more.

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