Make changes to your business profile

Within the Provider Portal there is a link to the Change Management application, which you can use to notify TELUS about changes to your provider, organization, or head office profile. These changes are not made automatically; they are reviewed and implemented by TELUS before they "go live". TELUS will contact you should we need additional information or clarification.

If you are a provider, you can report changes to the following:

  • Name and contact information

  • Roles and licenses

  • Address and hours for your registered service location, but not your associated locations

  • Users *

If you represent a business, you can report changes to the following:

  • Business name and contact information

  • Providers and their roles and licenses (removal and modification only)

  • Business addresses and hours

  • Users *

  • Associated head office

After you submit your changes, you are provided with a reference number and the contact information for TELUS, should you require any additional support.

Note: *You can also add and remove users from your account using the User Access & Permissions application in the Provider Portal. The sole exception to this is that administrative users cannot be removed via the User Access & Permissions application and must be removed by making a request on the Change Management website. Contact TELUS if you wish to use the User Management application and do not have access.

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