Update a user profile

To update a user profile

  1. From the User Access & Permissions screen, Filtering the list of users or use the navigation bar to locate the user you want to update, as required.
  2. Click the Username in the user list to select the required user.

    The Update User screen is displayed.

    Update user screen

    If you have not been assigned the role of EDT Payment Administrator, you cannot assign this role to others. This role is hidden from the list of available roles, and the following message is displayed:

    EDT Payment Administrator message

  3. Update the user’s personal information, as required, ensuring that all mandatory fields are completed.

    Note: Before entering the email address, please review the notes in the description of the Email Address field, as described in New User window

  4. Update the user’s role, as required.

    Note: As a user administrator, you can grant user administrator access for another person by assigning the User Administrator role to the user’s profile. You can also select more than one role for the selected user. You cannot remove roles from users who have been assigned the User Administrator role.

  5. Update the user’s work location(s), as required.

    Tip: You can select more than one work location for the selected user, as needed.

  6. Click Submit.

    The Update user confirmation dialog is displayed.

    Update user confirmation screen

  7. Click Done.

    The User Access & Permissions screen is displayed.