Welcome to your Employee Assistance Program portal, where you will find several helpful resources to help you and to help support your team, including conferences, articles, posters, and other materials.

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Download the following documents by selecting the desired PDF. If you wish to request printed copies, please see below for our request form.

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You can also request printed documents for your workforce. Please allow for 5 business days for these to be delivered to you.

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Usage reports can help you assess your employees’ needs for the services, as well as what they are leveraging. They can also help you target your prevention and health promotion interventions. Reports will include EAP data for the entire group and cannot be displayed by division. Reports for November and December 2022 will be separate from any other periods requested.

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These articles are all related to health and wellbeing, as well as how to best support your employees.


Virtual and in-person conferences are available to you on topics related to workplace health and wellbeing. Download the guide below to browse our available conferences. For more information or to request an event, please contact clients@vc.telushealth.com.

Note that 4 weeks’ notice is required for existing conferences, and 8 weeks are required for any new conference to be designed and created. Conference fees apply.

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