Corporate care

Executives and employees

We help identify health risks and support healthy lives — because good health is good business. Our medical team has been a leader in preventive healthcare for more than 30 years.

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Occupational health

Occupational health and safety

We help organizations reduce injury risk and disability claims, improve safety standards and set workers up for success. From medical oversight to on-site surveillance, we have the tools and experience your workforce needs.

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Our flagship programs

Preventive Health Assessment (PHA)

Our PHA program provides annual physician-led, head-to-toe assessments and full panel testing that helps employees understand their health status, mitigate risks and live healthy, happy lives.


Our LifePlus program gives your executives unhurried, on-time care year-round. We create a personalized plan for every client based on an extensive consultation, an in-depth review of lifestyle factors and medical history, and a head-to-toe annual assessment. LifePlus members receive 24/7 virtual care coverage, too.

We deliver measurable results.

Whether you need preventive care for your executives, pre-employment assessments for your workforce, or wellness programs for your employees, the TELUS Health Care Centres has the scale and experience to support your team of 50 to 5000 or more.


Is the ROI you can expect for every dollar spent*.

2 million

Canadians use our 24/7/365 virtual care service.


Canadian corporations choose us as a partner in health.

Use our ROI calculator to see the potential long-term savings for your organization (within 3-5 years). Simply input your total number of employees and select from our Preventive Health Assessment or LifePlus programs.

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Improved lifestyle management:


Health gains & higher productivity:


Direct and indirect saving from Mental Health:


Gained employer productivity from virtual care:


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