Top 11 Physician Pulse articles of 2020.

The healthcare industry has had to continually evolve in recent decades for technological and societal reasons — and 2020 is no different. The year has brought challenges and opportunities that have truly been unprecedented.

Throughout the year, medical professionals striving to keep up with the latest industry news turned to TELUS Health’s Physician Pulse blog, which covers the latest digital healthcare trends, provides thought-provoking perspectives, and shares real-life stories of Canadian physicians who are embracing technology to enhance care.

As 2020 draws to a close, we decided to look back at some of the most popular stories from the year. And upon diving deeper into the list, we uncovered several unique themes and topics that captured the attention of readers like you.

Theme #1: Virtual care and digital health solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual care and other digital solutions across Canada. It should come as little surprise, then, that interest in these topics peaked this year. With lockdowns and physical distancing setting a new precedent for 2020, doctors turned to TELUS Health for thoughtful perspectives and advice about how to continue delivering the highest quality care to patients.

Topping the most-read list this year was a how-to article that describes how physicians can make the most of virtual visits. In addition, many readers gained insights from a webinar about bringing virtual care to psychiatry practices and an article about how virtual care is shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

This is a topic that healthcare professionals can expect to hear more about in the years to come, as confirmed by many studies that speak to how virtual care and digital health will outlast the pandemic. For instance, the Canadian Medical Association found that almost half of all Canadians (46%) who have used virtual care since the start of COVID-19 now prefer online consultations.

Theme #2: Evolution of healthcare delivery.

This past year, many physicians also turned to articles that discussed what the future of healthcare could look like. The trend is certainly fitting in what has become a year defined by dramatic change — the pandemic has encouraged innovation across the industry, which has captured the attention of physicians, specialists, and other healthcare providers.

To that end, we offered an insightful look into how physicians are rethinking primary care delivery, and explored how digital solutions are shaping the future of healthcare and the shifting face of family practice.

Theme #3: EMR optimization.

Throughout 2020, healthcare professionals have been learning how to use electronic medical records (EMRs) to their full potential — due in part, to there being increased adoption of EMRs in Canada.

However, even though EMR use has grown, many healthcare providers haven’t yet discovered the full potential of this technology. To shed light on the benefits of EMRs, we covered the topic extensively this year. Readers were particularly interested in articles that show how clinics and family health teams use EMRs to improve patient care, and an article that offers EMR tips and tricks from a family physician.

Theme #4: Integrated healthcare and access.

This year, integrated healthcare and interoperability drove many conversations in the Canadian healthcare landscape. That’s because, to deliver the best patient care, medical professionals need transparency and access to information from a variety of sources.

Our readers were especially drawn to articles that explore the need for digital prescription services. Whether they were trying to understand why the industry has been slow to adopt e-prescriptions or interested in learning more about how e-prescribing improves care, we broke  down the facts.

A changing industry.

From digital health and virtual care to e-prescriptions and EMRs, the articles that captured the attention of physicians throughout the past year all revolved around what the future of the industry may look like. As the sector continues to evolve, TELUS Health will be at the forefront of delivering the latest news to keep readers informed — next year and beyond.

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Thank you, frontline healthcare workers. Healthcare professionals across Canada have seen extraordinary challenges throughout the past year as a result of COVID-19. TELUS Health would like to express a heartfelt thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do, to manage the pandemic. 

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