Next-gen technologies support patient-centric women’s care for the future.

The patients of the Ottawa Medical Group know that their health is in good hands when they enter the Obstetrical/Gynecological (OB/GYN) clinic in the suburb of Orleans. In a relaxed waiting room, check-in is quick and seamless. Each patient sees a nurse in an open concept work station – where she is weighed, measured and has other tests taken. The nurse efficiently records the patient’s information on the computer, and escorts her to one of the private, naturally lit exam rooms. In minutes, she is seen by a doctor who scans her current medical file on screen, talks with her about specific health issues, and makes informed decisions about the next steps in her care.

Here, it is obvious that patients receive attentive, customized and advanced care. Perhaps less obvious is the technological backbone of this state-of-the-art facility that enables this higher standard of women’s healthcare.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Dr. Vincent della Zazzera’s vision was to create an innovative patient-centric clinic that addresses women’s complete healthcare needs. It has a laboratory and imaging facilities, including OB/GYN ultrasound, vascular, MSK, X-ray, bone density and mammography. There is also an operating area – with a recovery room and three state-of-the-art operating theatres. Doctors, clinical staff and patients alike enjoy the space, workflow, and efficient processes.

But good looks and smart practices are only part of the story. Dr. della Zazzera knew that to build an efficient, sustainable clinic that delivered the best possible patient experience, he needed advanced technology solutions – from the clinic’s EMR to the equipment that runs its operations.

TELUS Health converted the clinic’s medical data from three separate EMRs to PS Suite. PS Suite provides flexible access to critical patient data in the office and on the go, and enables seamless collaboration between healthcare providers. Patient interactions are thorough and consistent, regardless of which nurse or doctor is being seen.

“Now all our doctors are on the same system, which makes it easier to view patient charts when in a crunch. Our team is able to VPN from the hospital, and we always have access to patients’ results. Previously, these would be extremely time-consuming and frustrating to find,” says Dr. della Zazzera.

In addition to transitioning to a PS Suite EMR platform, TELUS hardware experts worked with the clinic team to select and supply computers, servers and printers to support the operations of the reception area, examination rooms, physician offices and nurse workstations.

“Opening an innovative clinic like this is never easy, but we had excellent support from the TELUS EMR team and overall our migration experience went well,” says Dr. della Zazzera.

Thanks to the future-forward vision for the Ottawa Medical Clinic and next-generation technologies, patients can look forward to many years of advanced care in women’s health.

Interested in making your clinic future-friendly with digital health solutions? We can help. Contact a TELUS Health expert.

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