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Dr. Jane Hailey makes the switch to her own Vancouver clinic – and to a Med Access EMR.

Making a big change can be as exciting as it is intimidating. Dr. Jane Hailey – CBC Radio medical columnist, contributor to the newsletter Pediatric Notes, and clinical associate professor at UBC – decided it was time for a change. She left her job at a large Vancouver practice to become a solo practitioner in her own pediatric office.

Amidst the many demands that come with opening a new clinic, Dr. Hailey was encouraged to make another big change – converting to a new EMR.  “I was quite comfortable working with an Osler EMR, but our business manager convinced me to switch to Med Access.”

Robust, customizable EMR a good fit for the modern, busy office

Med Access is a web-based EMR, offering robust reporting, powerful task management, point-of-care decision support and collaborative capabilities. Dr. Hailey sees the benefits: “The web-based application is so much faster compared to using the Osler EMR via a virtual private network. Med Access also works well with both a PC and my Mac computer.”

Highly configurable, Med Access can be customized to each clinic’s workflow. The modules for specialists make Med Access the right choice for Dr. Hailey’s busy practice. From smart growth charts and Rourke baby visit templates to health immunization management and an expanding library of pediatric encounter templates, Med Access provides the tools Dr. Hailey needs to care for her young patients. 

“My visit notes are always saved, even if I forget to click Save,” says Dr. Hailey. “No more lost data! The growth charts are spectacular, which I especially appreciate as a pediatrician. The billing is so easy that I can do it myself.”

Working with Dr. Hailey and her team, TELUS Health completed a smooth and effective migration that included customized training and support. “I felt really supported with the training. My data converted easily from Osler to Med Access, and it is easier to find.”

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TELUS Health has seamlessly transitioned clinical data on more than 4 million charts. Interested in bringing Med Access to your clinic? We can help. Contact a TELUS Health EMR specialist today.

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