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July 7, 2022

OPINION: Preventing the collapse of our health system means looking after the humans working within it.

This article was published with the permission of Postmedia Network Inc. on, July 5, 2022. Extraordinary wait times for emergency care, five million Canadians without a family doctor, hospitals unable to safely staff beds due to personnel shortages. According to the Canadian Medical Association, these are symptoms of a more […]

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Female physician holding tablet
July 5, 2022

24 healthcare professionals worth following on social media.

Each day, a dizzying array of healthcare stories and papers are published online, which could make it challenging [...]
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June 6, 2022

The extraordinary growth of virtual care.

Healthcare looks dramatically different than it did over a year ago, largely due to COVID-19 and the growth of [...]
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May 20, 2022

24/7 line supports physicians and healthcare workers during BC health emergencies.

The province of BC is in the grips of dual public health emergencies: COVID-19 and the escalating crisis of [...]
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