Worth another look: top 5 reads in 2020.

The following articles got the most attention on the TELUS Health Benefits Hub over the past year. Check them out or refresh your memory to keep on top of on what’s happening in private health benefit plans.

2020 TELUS Health Drug Data Trends & National Benchmarks — This annual go-to resource for trends in drug plan claims data tells you what you need to know about costs and utilization, plan design tools, specialty drugs and drugs by therapeutic class.

Private perspective matters when considering drug cost-effectiveness — A TELUS Health analysis of the cost-effectiveness of new drugs from a private-payer perspective yielded “dramatic” results. Learn more about why economic evaluation models need to evolve to reflect the different populations, costs and objectives of public versus private plans.

Getting down to the business of health — The recommendations coming out of the 2020 TELUS Health Executive Roundtable have become somewhat prescient: while the event took place just before the pandemic, the issues raised are more relevant than ever today.

Pharmacogenomic testing gains foothold in group insurance — Ten out of 10 insurance carriers provide some form of coverage for pharmacogenomic testing. Get the lowdown on who’s doing what in the areas of disability, extended health and preferred pricing.

TELUS Health unveils electronic prior authorization — Electronic prior authorization (ePA) has arrived in Canada, with broad scale availability expected in the first half of 2021. Find out how ePA will significantly improve efficiencies for insurance providers and prescribers, so that patients can access medications sooner.

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