Technology is transforming benefits plans, and TELUS Health is paving the way.

“Technology plays one of the most important roles in the future of healthcare delivery,” says TELUS Health’s Charles Lewis, vice president and chief technology officer, in a new interview published in Benefits Canada. Alongside Sanjay Cherian, vice president of strategy and digital health, Lewis explains that by enabling digitization of healthcare practices and integration of data from multiple sources, technology is empowering healthcare professionals and enhancing patient care.

“TELUS Health is bringing integration to life,” adds Cherian. As an example, he points out that leadership in electronic medical records (EMRs), pharmacy management systems and pharmacy benefits management services is allowing TELUS Health to support efficient electronic prior authorization, which can help benefits plans manage expenses associated with high-cost drugs. “We’re able to help connect the dots,” he says.

Read the whole interview in Benefits Canada.

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