Mental health in organizations: how are people doing?

There’s no question it’s been a stressful year, full of challenges to mental health. So, what can plan sponsors do to help their employees? In a recent article published in HR Reporter, Chair of the TELUS Medical Advisory Council and faculty member at the University of Toronto Dr. Dominik Nowak says, “Workplaces have a key role in fostering a culture that promotes good health, kindness, and support.”

Dr. Nowak suggests that it can be helpful to think of mental health as a continuum, with feelings changing day-by-day, and that the key for employers is to listen and “normalize ways to seek further help.” Fortunately, options for accessing support are expanding. Virtual care, in particular, is breaking down barriers and stigma against mental health and helping people connect with relationship-based care. It can also increase access, save time and make it possible to address mental health challenges more proactively.

Read the whole article in HR Reporter.

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