How technology is reshaping the future of Canadian healthcare.

Today, a shocking 4.5 million Canadian residents don’t have a family doctor.  Even those who do have family doctors report not always being able to get an appointment with their doctors when needed. According to a 2016 Canadian Institute for Health Information survey, 20% of Canadians reported waiting 7 days or longer for an appointment to see their family doctor. Similarly, 61% of family doctors surveyed reported not being able to accommodate same-day or next-day appointments for urgent care needs.  As a result, simple health matters such as prescription renewals often wind up involving visits to crowded walk-in clinics, long waits in the emergency room, or even the decision to forgo medical care altogether. In the same Canadian Institute for Health Information survey, it was reported that nearly 40,000 Canadians visit the emergency room every year just to renew prescriptions…
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