2021 Category Watch: The Impact of New Drugs.

In its 2021 Category Watch: The Impact of New Drugs report, TELUS Health takes a closer look at the impact of drug launches in three important categories: diabetes, migraine and multiple sclerosis.

In all three categories, breakthrough therapies have set in motion a transformation of their respective markets. First, the new options represent major advances in treatment, particularly for those who struggle to manage their condition or who could not use previous therapies. As a result, patients who meet the treatment criteria appear to be steadily adding or switching to one of the new therapies.

Second, the new therapies’ price points can be significantly higher than those of older (often generic) therapies, resulting in higher growth rates overall for eligible costs. While the return on investment may be expected in terms of greater workplace productivity and reduced benefits costs in other areas, including disability, measures to monitor utilization and optimize outcomes are more important than ever.

Download your copy of the TELUS Health 2021 Category Watch report for a deep dive into the claims data for these three categories, and their impact on private drug plans so far.

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