Payment reconciliation

Did you know that you can download all claims to an excel file to help you mark which claims you have received payment for?

See Using the eClaims Download Files.

Want to know when a payment will be issued or what the payment method will be?

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Ease payment reconciliation by tracking payments in one place.

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5 ways to ease payment reconciliation

Reconciling claim refunds from all participating eClaims insurers can be a challenge. We’ve shared some helpful payment reconciliation tips from providers, but here are some additional recommendations that we think you would find useful:

  1. Submit claims right away - immediately after the treatment while the client is still with you.

  2. Print or save all Explanation of Benefits statements so you can refer back to them during reconciliation, if need be.

  3. Leverage the Claims list in the eClaims portal to download transactions. Although it is possible to download claims submitted up to one year ago, it may be more effective to download them every month.

  4. Plan reconciliation activities in your agenda - integrate eClaims reconciliation into your monthly bookkeeping activities.

  5. Download the eClaims insurer cheat sheet for a snapshot on payment details and contact information for each insurer. Payment questions should always be directed to the insurers.

See how your peers do it.


Lucas, Optometric Assistant & Office Manager

“I recommend processing the claim when the patient is in the office in case there are any problems.”


Lucas, Optometric Assistant & Office Manager

Goemans Optometry Guelph, Ontario

Jennifer Hancock, Student Optician

“As the statements of payment arrive, they should be reconciled as soon as possible. You want to process claims and reconcile payments quickly because you do not want anything to expire.”


Jennifer Hancock, Student Optician

Cowan’s Optical Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

Dr. Donald R. Earle, DC

“We keep separate folders for each insurance company. We have a spreadsheet to record appointment dates, patient names, and what was paid based on the eClaims portal.”


Dr. Donald R. Earle, DC

Bay Roberts Spine Clinic Inc.

Bay Roberts, Newfoundland

Christina Worm, RMT

“The instant insurer response helps you deal with any issues with the patient in front of you which saves you a lot of hassle and frustration.”


Christina Worm, RMT

Rejuvenating Massage Therapy

Oakbank, Manitoba


Tips to optimize the payment reconciliation process

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