User roles

A user role defines permissions for users to perform a group of tasks. Predefined roles with a predefined set of permissions are identified according to the needs of the organization.

The user role list that is displayed when creating and updating a user profile reflects the permissions and/or services for which you have registered with TELUS.

The table below lists all possible user role values; however, it is normal to see only the values that apply to you.


This role allows users to...

eClaims Submission

Access the eClaims application.

eClaims Mobile App

Access the eClaims mobile application. Users must also have the eClaims Submission role.

EFT Payment Administrator

Configure the banking information for eClaims and EFT registrations.

User Administrator

Create, search for, and modify users.

WSIB HC Bill Submission

Access the WSIB Health Bill Submission application.

WSIB NHC Bill Submission

Access the WSIB Non-Healthcare Bill Submission application.



Manage associations between organizations and a head office.

Provider Administrator

Add new service providers to a clinic.

Merge Administrator

Merge their account with another account.

Physician Referral

Access the Physician Referral application.

WSIB EPS Administrator

Access the RTW Administration application.

WSIB EAS Administrator

Access the RTW Administration application.

WSIB Payment Administrator

Ability to configure the banking information for WSIB registrations.