Confirming a deposit

Once you have provided your bank account information, TELUS Health will attempt to make a small deposit to your account; this is known as a penny deposit, as the amount will be under a dollar—“just pennies”. When TELUS Health is notified that the deposit was made, it will update the status of your account to Account pending confirmation in progress. This process can take up to 48 hours.

Account pending confirmation

Before you can confirm your deposit, you must contact your bank to determine the exact amount of the deposit and the obtain the confirmation information associated with that deposit. If you use online banking, log in to your bank account and find the deposit in your list of transactions. If your bank provides a printed statement, look for the deposit there.

  1. From the Provider Portal, select the Menu The Menu button button, then select Banking information.

    The Banking information window is displayed.

    The Banking Information window

  2. Select the Confirm Deposit button.

  3. In the Deposit amount field, enter the amount that was deposited to your account.

  4. In the Transaction code field, enter the confirmation information that was associated with your deposit.

  5. Select Next.

    Confirm deposit step

    You will receive email reminders to activate your account. If you do not activate your account within 7 business days after you receive the initial email from TELUS, it will be marked as expired.